For those you who are still in the stone age and haven’t discovered either GMail, Google Apps Mail or your own mail server, here’s how you access Yahoo Mail via IMAP:

Port: 993
Connection Security: SSL/TLS

Port: 465
Connection Security: SSL/TLS

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  1. Keep in mind that it has issues with outlook about bad UIDs and issues with thunderbird if you have more than 10000 emails in one box….

    • Hmm. I had figured that “next” had “fixed” the bad UID. I guess Thunderbird fixed it.
      As for the 10k emails in a box…. I never had that issue and I had something like 200k emails in a box. Took me a while to download headers, but I never had issues. I should test it fully to make sure. Thanks for the heads up.

      • Oh sorry I missed the next. I’ll try your settings soon. I was using these settings to get the bad UID in Outlook:

        Server :
        Server Port : 993 SSL
        Type : IMAP
        SMTP Server :
        SMTP Server Port : 465 SSL

        • I could never get a non “next” server working. I found “next” in some obscure place on the internet.
          It seemed to work fine in Thunderbird without hacks, so I posted it.

          I don’t use Outlook so I can’t comment.

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