I don’t use Twitter. I honestly don’t understand it.
I mean… I do, but it fits in the same category as SMS.
1X0 character limit in this day and age doesn’t make sense.

I recently discovered that a bunch of companies use Twitter to announce a bunch of things. I also discovered Google Reader for my phone so I decided to add RSS feeds of Steam/Amazon’s bunch of services/etc to keep up on various happenings.

Then one day I went to add in the Twitter RSS feed for one of Amazon’s subsidiaries. I then discovered that Twitter decided to remove RSS links.

I don’t want to have to sign up for Twitter just to Follow random people to know the happenings, so I do a bit of research and turn up this:

http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/[username here].rss

So if for example you want to know what apps Amazon is giving away, you would use:


Now I can push that to Google Reader and read that at my leisure.
FU Twatter! I’ll get my own RSS link. Now… let’s just hope they don’t remove that.

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