DRM free too.

See! I buy games. If these were DRM infested, I wouldn’t go near them with a 20ft pole. BECAUSE they are DRM free I am supporting the developer.

I’m a proponent of Piracy. Insert the “Why!?!? You’re stealing from hard working developers!” from the MAFIAA. Simple: There’s no satisfaction guarantee. If I buy a toaster and it sucks because the bread I use doesn’t work with it, I can return it and get a full refund.
Or if it has an undocumented feature of telling me that I can no longer use my deep fryer, I can tell it to go to hell.
No such luck with the Music/Movie/Game/Application community. Once I buy it, it’s a final sale. In fact… it’s so NOT mine that in some instances I can have stuff I’ve legitimately paid for revoked from me without a refund or recourse.

I lost my Steam account a while back because I got screwed by a prepaid credit card. I used it to buy some games on Steam and they somehow forced the transaction even though there wasn’t enough to cover it. Due to some bad math (and underestimation on fees associated with cross border purchases) the card ended up being a few bucks overdrawn. So the prepaid card company initiated a chargeback. Steam doesn’t like chargebacks. So they revoked my account with literally THOUSANDS of dollars worth of games. It wasn’t enough that it was an honest mistake and I could repay it, I had to find a way to add money onto a prepaid credit card that was already closed. To make a long story short, I managed to pull it out of my ass and I have a reinstated account.

Piracy puts me in control. If I feel the content is worthy of continued use, I will pay for it. Otherwise off to /dev/null it goes.

Oh and LOL at the suckers that actually paid for not so quality content and also bit in the ass with something as hilarious like UBISoft’s new DRM platform that demands a constant internet connection.
At least something like Steam is non-intrusive DRM that has an offline mode.

Hear that UBI? I’m actively NOT purchasing your content based on your choice of DRM. I was seriously considering buying Settlers 7 while it was on sale on Steam. That and a few other games. Notice that they’re not on my Steam Games list?
That goes for any other developer that thinks DRM is a good idea.
I did accidentally buy Flock! that did include Securom, but that was due to my own personal negligence. Whoops.

Anyway…. this post has become about DRM and how evil it is.
Go support some devs that do the right thing.
Oh and pay more than $0.01 you cheap jerks.

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