I’ve been getting my television on the internet for years now. It just makes sense. It’s HD, it’s commercial free and it’s well… free.
Hell I would pay for this kind of service assuming I could get it. Netflix is close (well not in Canada) but it’s still no cigar.

I’ve been also using Usenet for years. $8 a month so I don’t have to maintain a ratio/deal with seedboxes/public trackers/etc? Where do I sign?

Team those 2 with an RSS feed and you have a pretty decent PVR.
Until you install Sickbeard. No more fiddling with show titles, quality, propers etc. Sickbeard automates it all. You enter in your SABNZBD credentials (which already have your usenet credentials) and a show name. It then automagically downloads new episodes. It can even download recent old episodes. It also looks through your previously downloaded episodes and makes sure you have them all.

I’ve been using it for all of 1 day now and it’s the best thing I’ve used since SAB.

My show list is a bit skimpy for now since it does take a good bit of time to add and index shows, plus I’m at a remote location.
When I get a little more permanent again, it’s going to get my full show list and collection.

Bottom Line: Go signup for usenet, install SABNZBD+, Sickbeard and start adding shows.
Might as well kiss that remote good bye.

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