I’ve been hanging around with someone southern recently and it rekindled my love for sweet tea. It’s SO simple to make, but SO [expletive deleted]ing delicious.

I was in a US 4Pack (aka Costco) and discovered that they have GIANT gallon sized tea bags from Lipton. EIGHT bucks for 48 bags. Team that with about 50lbs of sugar (for $20) and you have enough sweet tea to flood the south.

For those REALLY dense, here’s a recipe:

-1 Gallon sized tea bag
-2.5 cups white sugar (to taste)
-1/2Gallon Water
-3x 1/2 gallon pitchers (4 if you want to be able to rotate)

1. Boil water.
2. Add Sugar
3. Kill heat
4. Add teabag
5. Wait 2 hours
6. Squeeze Tea bag (NO JOKES!)
7. Split tea between 3 1/2 gallon pitchers
8. Fill each with cold water
9. Chill
10. omnomnomnom

Seriously… 2 of us have literally consumed 14lbs of sugar in the last month.
Hilariously… this is about the same as 1x 1L Coke per person per day for a month. Not to mention that I’m drinking literally a gallon and a half of fluid rather than 1/4 gal. So in terms of sugar, it’s 6X more awesome.

In terms of taste, it’s over 9000x more awesome.
Oh and tea apparently has antioxidants. Because fuck you oxidation.

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