Gigabit to home
three hundred fifty a month
I have a boner

(LOL Haiku)

Oh and it’s symmetrical.
And uncapped.
In Tennessee.



I’ve been hanging around with someone southern recently and it rekindled my love for sweet tea. It’s SO simple to make, but SO [expletive deleted]ing delicious.

I was in a US 4Pack (aka Costco) and discovered that they have GIANT gallon sized tea bags from Lipton. EIGHT bucks for 48 bags. Team that with about 50lbs of sugar (for $20) and you have enough sweet tea to flood the south.

For those REALLY dense, here’s a recipe:

-1 Gallon sized tea bag
-2.5 cups white sugar (to taste)
-1/2Gallon Water
-3x 1/2 gallon pitchers (4 if you want to be able to rotate)

1. Boil water.
2. Add Sugar
3. Kill heat
4. Add teabag
5. Wait 2 hours
6. Squeeze Tea bag (NO JOKES!)
7. Split tea between 3 1/2 gallon pitchers
8. Fill each with cold water
9. Chill
10. omnomnomnom

Seriously… 2 of us have literally consumed 14lbs of sugar in the last month.
Hilariously… this is about the same as 1x 1L Coke per person per day for a month. Not to mention that I’m drinking literally a gallon and a half of fluid rather than 1/4 gal. So in terms of sugar, it’s 6X more awesome.

In terms of taste, it’s over 9000x more awesome.
Oh and tea apparently has antioxidants. Because fuck you oxidation.


So apparently after updating PHP on my webserver running Apache2, Apache decides to start downloading php files instead of parsing them.

A BUNCH of Googling later turns up nothing relevant. I’ve tried the whole uninstall/reinstall bit and checked every config file I could see that was mentioned within the last 2 years without any luck.

Long story short, I found some obscure post somewhere random that linked the Apache wiki:


I can’t believe it was that easy…..
Now… the issue is that this blog is my own personal database for shit I (publicly) want to note later If something goes wrong later, I’ll be looking here. But if something is wrong here… I’m boned.


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