So I picked up a few SPA941 from Dell a while back for about $80 per.
I finally unpack it today now that I have my asterisk server online in Seattle and do some testing.

The back of the unit has the power/ethernet sticking straight out instead of pointing down, meaning I need a wall mount. I figure something as stupid as a wall mount would be in the box. Nope. It comes with a desk stand, but no wall mount.
I peruse the manual to figure out WTF is going on and apparently the wall mount is sold separately.
Ok, some genius in accounting thought it’d be a good idea to charge for a stupid piece of plastic.

I go on fleabay to have a look since they’re usually the place for hard to find crap and I find one.

I then proceed to shit my pants.


Why is a piece of molded plastic damn near 40% of the original cost?

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