I like fude. A lot.

I’ve always known how to make homemade mayo, but for some stupid ass reason I’ve never done it.
I did it for the first time a few weeks ago and holy shit!

Here’s reasons why you should make your own mayo as well:
-It’s tasty
-It’s cheap
That’s pretty much all you need for reasons.

Here’s how:
Protip: I don’t measure. Unless you’re baking, cooking is about adjusting things to taste.

-Egg Yolk
-Oil of some sort, preferably something neutral like Canola or Vegetable.
-Acid (Lemon Juice, Vinegar of some sort that’s not white, etc)
-Mustard (either Powdered or Prepared)

Take your stand mixer (or a whisk and bowl if you’re poor) and drop in an egg yolk. Put it on high. Whisk it a bit to break it up. Dump a bit of mustard in and some salt. Maybe around a couple Tsp and a Tsp respectively if you wanted measurements.
Add in about a Tbsp of acid and whisk a bit. Add the oil SLOWLY. If you have a squeeze bottle, use it. Makes it easier.
Keep whisking it and you’ll see an emulsion form. When you go through about a cup of oil, add in another tbsp of acid. Add more oil. Probably another cup at least, but up to 2 cups more. You stop when it’s thick.

Now taste it. If it’s good, you’re done. Go make a sandwich.
If it’s not good, adjust seasonings. If you add more liquid, you may have to add more oil to keep it thick.
Now, if that’s not reason enough to keep makin’ mayo, here’s a cost breakdown:

-3 cups Oil: $0.75
-A 1/2 lemon (let’s say whole): $0.50
-An egg (yolk): $0.20
-Mustard Powder/Salt: $0.01? cmon…
Total: $1.46 for 1/2 to 1L of mayo.
Considering that a tiny ass jar is like $3, you’re paying less than 1/2 for shit that tastes good. Oh and cheap. And you don’t have to put on pants when you run out.

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