Screw John Wayne. I’m eating Steak.
If all steak was like this I don’t think I’d quit eating steak.
Why? Because it was [expletive deleted]ing good.

Protip: When cooking steak, keep it simple.

Here’s my ingredients for the perfect steak:
-Kosher Salt

Yes. I’m serious. [Bottled] Sauce is blasphemous. Pepper is optional.
I want a steak to taste like steak. Not A1/BBQ/etc. I could drink a cup of that if I wanted to taste that. But I don’t want to taste it.

Here’s what you need to cook it:
-Heat source (aka Stove)
-Cast Iron Pan
-Instant read thermometer (Yes. This is important)

Most people like steak that’s been BBQed. The problem with BBQing a steak is that most geniuses don’t know how to cook a steak, so it comes out burnt.
Besides… Cast Iron is available 365. If it’s -30C out I’d have to put on pants.

Ok, here’s some instructions:

-Take your steak out of the fridge.
-Put it on a plate.
-Leave for 2 hours. Yes. I’m serious. Cold steak and hot pan = FAIL.
-Heat your cast iron pan until it’s really hot.
-Salt the steak with a good amount of kosher salt. Use a bit more than you think you need.
-Oil the pan lightly
-Put steak in the pan.
-Wait about 3-5 minutes.
-Wait 3-5 minutes.
-Insert Instant read thermometer. If it reads 125-130F, remove from pan. If not:
–Replace steak into the pan. Wait a moment. Then redo the above step
-Place steak onto a clean plate. Wait 5-10 minutes.
-Be amazed
Oh and for those who cook steaks beyond 130F (aka Medium Rare) you should be smacked.

This is how I did my dry aged steak from Part 3.
Now… for the taste. It’s beefy. Really beefy. You can taste beef and not A1!
This process (and steak) gets the DH Stamp-of-Approval.

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